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The Conference

How is this different from a physical conference?

This hybrid conference takes into consideration the different time zones in which all of its participants reside, and has adapted its protocols in order to allow for a rich discussion of science across space and time. These are challenging times, but by the virtues of truth, honor, late deliveries and plenty of coffee, the scientific community remains united.  The Virtual Venue of the conference contains all the necessary information for its participants:

How do sessions work?

As in a normal conference, there are Keynote, Panel, Special and Regular sessions. The Keynote and Panel sessions will be held in the physical venue, in Leiria, Portugal, while also being broadcasted live via Zoom Webinars for synchronous discussion. In case the current crisis does not subside, it will be held entirely via Zoom, supported by the current platform. The Special and Regular sessions will be held solely over Zoom with platform support. Each event has a page with all the relevant information and on the pages of Special and Regular sessions there’s a link for the discussion space of each article. All sessions are in the program page.

Is there somewhere I can chat with everyone, some kind of Lounge space?

Yes there is, and you even guessed the name. The Lounge room is a space for anyone to reach out to the rest of the conference. You can discuss science, life or anything in between. You can also share files, like pictures, PDF’s or link to external content. The lounge will be frequently monitored by our staff to assist you if you have any issue.


Are all sessions held online?

Yes. All sessions happen live on a Zoom Webinar. Every session has a page in this platform with all the details and the Zoom link. The Special and Regular sessions will also have links to the page of each specific paper, where you can find all the content as well as a space for further scientific discussion with the speakers and other peers.

Can I access anything at any time?

All sessions have the abstract and the speaker’s details available at all times for registered participants. The Zoom link to each session will be available until the end of the respective session. The link to the individual papers will be available after the beginning of their respective sessions.

What can I do at a session?

You can watch the live presentation and discussion and ask questions on Zoom’s webinar chat. These questions will be monitored and asked at the end to the presenters by the moderator. If possible, the moderator might invite some participants to ask their questions themselves over voice. For Special and Regular sessions, authors presenting a paper have uploaded a video of their presentation and the paper’s pdf. You can consult this content and ask questions at your convenience in the respective papers’ pages. The authors will respond in the same manner. If you are an author, see the presenting authors section.

How can I find the sessions that someone is involved in?

All sessions can be found in the program. To find the sessions in which someone is involved, you can use the directory of participants to see the details of said participant and consult their respective sessions. You can use this to find the sessions in which you might be involved more easily.

How do the Q&A work?

See What can I do at an event?

Are external individuals allowed on the conference’s sessions?

No. Only registered individuals will be allowed.

Are recordings of the sessions allowed?

No, as the EU GDPR restricts.

Can anybody be banned from the sessions?

Yes, depending on the level of offense, one might have their comments removed, or their access banned from the conference. We will also need to comply with local laws regarding personal data.


Do I need to login for webinars?

Yes. You need a Zoom account. See next question.

Do I need a Zoom account to participate in the live sessions different from the conference’s account?

Yes. You need a Zoom account to enter any Zoom session of this event. The account credentials to login on the virtual venue’s website are independent of the ones you might use in Zoom. The login details for the virtual venue’s online platform will be sent to you in the weeks prior to the event.

Can I change my email, or name?

Yes. Please access your personal profile’s settings for this operation.

What if I lose my password for the conference’s site?

There is a facility to reset your password for the conference’s site.

Presenting authors

When do I have to present my paper?

Special and Regular sessions happen live via Zoom. Although Special sessions rely on pre-recorded presentations, submitted by participants ahead of the event. Each of them has a number of articles and, although they will be presented in order, it is requested of all presenting authors to be present in the beginning of the session so that there are no delays. The easiest way to find what time the sessions in which you will be presenting happen, please go to /directory and click on your card. Here all the sessions that you are involved in will be listed, as well as a link for their respective pages.

Do I have to upload a video of my presentation?

Yes. You will receive an e-mail during January with details on how to upload the video and some guidelines to help with the task. It should be a video of your presentation slides with your voice over them. It can have the feed from your webcam in the corner as long as it doesn’t hide any valuable content. This video will be available in the platform for participants to watch after the session, as well as serve as a backup in case there is any issue with your connectivity during your time to present.

Are there questions to my paper presentation?

Yes. You can see how participants can post questions in What can I do at an event? You will receive notifications via e-mail if any participant asks a question on your paper. This notification can be switched off in your profile settings.

When do I have to answer the questions on my paper?

The official Q&A of each paper happens via Zoom. However there is a space for open discussion in the respective page of each article, with no formal requirement.

Do I have to reply to questions on my paper?

Yes. If you as the presenter do not reply to the questions made during the session, the committee of the conference will decide if the paper is allowed to go into the proceedings.

What is the duration of each session and presentation?

All sessions are scheduled to last 60 minutes. Authors presenting papers in Special Sessions will have 10-12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A, while authors presenting in Regular Sessions will have 3 minutes for presentation and then there will be a period of 24 minutes for Q&A, shared among all presentations of the session.


All papers and their 12min pre-recorded presentations are available for registered users, during the whole virtual venue in the conference website.
Participants are advised to preview the papers and presentations in order to prepare their questions and comments for the live Q&A.

Special Sessions

Papers in Special Sessions are presented at the scheduled day/time by one of the authors as pre-recorded video streaming, followed by live Q&A moderated by the Session Chair. The presentation video, previously uploaded by the authors, has a maximum duration of 12min and the streaming process is controlled by the conference staff. All presenters, authors and Special Session Chairs are expected to attend the live session. Each presentation is followed by a 3-min live Q&A. 

Regular Sessions

Papers in the Regular Sessions are presented as a live pitch (3min) by the one of the authors. The pitch should be supported on 3 – 5 slides, focusing on (i) the research context, (ii) the specific topic addressed in the paper; (iii) the technical approach / content and novelty/relevancy; (iv) results and conclusions. All 12 papers are presented sequentially, following the order defined in the technical program. After the 12 presentations, there will be a live Q&A period of 24 min, shared by all authors and moderated by the Session Chair. When referring to a paper, the participants should start by identifying the paper by its number in the Program

Q&A periods

All attendees may put their questions in the live Q&A (with permission of the Session Chair) or by text in the Q&A box. All questions in the Q&A box must be answered by the presenting author, during or after the session, which will be checked by the Session Chair. Timing of the live Q&A sessions is critical to not deviate from the schedule, so Session Chairs should be strict with the starting and end times of their session. 

No-show policy

Should none of the authors be available in the Q&A period nor respond to the questions raised by the audience, the paper will be classified as no-show and, subsequently, it will not appear in the IEEE Xplore.

All cases classified as no-show will not have the paper included in IEEE Xplore. The following cases correspond to no-show:

  • The paper is not presented live (Regular sessions) by any authors (excluding reasons due to technical problems during the virtual venue).
  • None of the authors is available since the beginning of the presentation till the end of the Q&A period (excluding reasons due to technical problems during the virtual venue).

Further doubts

If you need additional information not found here, send your queries via e-mail. For issues related with the event logistics conftele2021@ipleiria.pt, for technical issues related with the platform or your account admin@vitordesign.pt.